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Animation & Design


"The Secret Spice Adventures"

​spec (micro) series

This fictional pitch for an Old Spice and Secret deodorant crossover features legendary heroes Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) as they set off on an epic action-packed adventure in search of a treasure that lies deep within the 'Isle of Spice.' 


We follow our wise-cracking heroes as they cross swords, seas and wits in their quest to find the famed 'Isle of Spice' and unearth the legendary treasure of the "Secret Spice."

Sample Script Available!

#original_concept // #writer #director #producer

Tesla - "Seed"

spec ad

Concepted for Tesla's 2017 "Project Loveday" contest, "Seed"was originally intended to be a 3D animation piece, but due to time constraints, it was re-concepted for a traditional animation approach.


This unexpected turn became a refreshing creative challenge that allowed me to collaborate with ace animator Joshua Dixon and voice actress extraordinaire Marisa Matthews to bring the idea to life. The results of which were a refreshing stand out amongst the multitude of  live-action entries.

#original_concept // #writer #director #producer

Skittles - "Captain Starman"

spec ad (micro series pilot)


Series Overview:

Captain Starman travels the cosmos exploring strange new worlds in search of the mystical 

"Cave of Rainbows."

Episode 1: "Taste the Rainbow"

In episode one, we find our hero collecting rock samples on a foreign moon when suddenly, hunger strikes...​

#original_concept // #writer #director #producer

Old Spice - "Get It Von"

spec ad

This Old Spice parody lovingly mocks my favorite NFL player (Denver Broncos Linebacker) Von Miller, whose sex tape scandal was a top ESPN gossip story in 2016.

A very special thanks goes out to Trent Shumway for an epic VO performance.

#original_concept // #writer #director #producer

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